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tasbih karomah

Tasbih Karamah Akbar

Tasbih Karamah Akbar

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Tasbih Karamah Akbar is Tasbih Karamah that will be specially made for you if you order for one. It has more benefits than ordinary Tasbih Karamah.

What are differences between Tasbih Karamah and Tasbih Karamah Akbar?

See table below:


Tasbih Karamah

Tasbih Karamah Akbar


As many as 41 tasbihat are made at once. A congregational blessing takes one day one night time by our team, begun with a fasting day on Monday. 

These tasbihat have been previously blessed congregationally with other 40 tasbihat similar to Tasbih Karamah. If you order, we will re-bless them again for you so it suits your personality characterization.  The amount of time we need to bless Tasbih Karamah with special blessing is around 4 hours, of which has to be done from midnight to close dawn. 


Has 99 benefits.

Has 99 benefits and additional benefits unavailable in Tasbih Karamah.


You will get Wirid Asmak Karomah that functions as blessing-opener key. 

You will get Wirid Asmak Karomah and Ilmu Asmak Karomah,  an esoteric knowledge about names of God who deliver miraculous event or karamah to whomever understands it. You can use this for various needs, including making magical object and sharpening inner sight.


Applicable to all religions.

For moslems only, because in Ilmu Asmak Karomah there are incantations only suitable for moslems.


Of benefit for you and people around you.

Of benefit for you, people around you and wider society. If you want to, you can establish an alternative healing practice.


No certification.

You will get Ilmu Asmak Karomah Certificate from Nusantara Parapsychology Association. You can use it to enroll healing practice to Health Department and Office of District Prosecutor General to make your practice official. 


Package contains a Tasbih Karamah and User Guide.

Package contains a Tasbih Karamah Akbar, User Guide, Ilmu Asmak Karomah Certificate and salt (to drink and bath with). It's beneficial to load Ilmu Asmak Karomah.


If you are interested with Tasbih Karamah, you can get it (or it will be sent to you) straight ahead.

Needs one night time to process Tasbih Karamah Akbar.

Tasbih K
aramah Akbar  is made of stones called 'golden sand stone' which are deemed to have better spiritual quality. It's suitable to be possessed by religious figures, functionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, spiritualist, alternative healers or ilmu hikmah (a spiritual deed consists of Quranic verses, certain prayers, hizib or Arabic holy charms balanced with inner conduct to approach God and cleanse our soul from negative traits of all kind) teachers. By ordering Tasbih Karamah Akbar you will also get Ilmu Asmak Karomah, which will be transferred to you so you don't have to fast. Ilmu Asmak Karomah is a high level ilmu hikmah you can use for various needs, including filling ray of karamah energy to any object you desire.   

If you wish, after getting Tasbih Karamah Akbar and Ilmu Asmak Karomah, you can establish an official alternative healing practice listed in Health Department and Office of the District Prosecutor General. Because we also give a certificate of Ilmu Nur Karomah (a knowledge taught by calling out for blessing straight to God, not to evil spirit or other being, can be earned by practicing Wirid Asmak Karomah with Tasbih Karamah) of which you can use as a prerequirement to open an alternative healing practice.

Benefits of Tasbih Karamah Akbar and Ilmu Asmak Karomah are same as 99 Benefits of Tasbih Karamah we previously explained, plus other benefits below:

Mystical Detection

With Tasbih Karamah Akbar as medium, you can detect existence of mystical creatures in a place. You can find out whether the mystical beings are friendly or not. If there is any evil mystical  being, you can carry out cleansing process.

Energy Detection

By using Tasbih Karamah Akbar you can sense mystical energy, inner force, prana force, aura or chi in one's body or place. You can find out if there is any negative energy in a shop that causes it to suffer financial loss. You can also figure if someone has dirty aura that causes him/her an unfortunate life. After knowing these things, you can carry out process to cleanse less-well energy.

Ray of Karamah Cleansing

When you sense any existence of mystical  beings or energy with negative effect, you can carry out ray of Karamah cleansing ritual on someone or somewhere. It's simply done by splashing prayer-chanted water or taking a bath of which water has been chanted with certain prayer. By the will of God, cleansed place will be blessed and the cleansed person will be fortunate in all efforts.

Disease Detection

Physical health detection with Tasbih Karamah Akbar. You can detect whether or not your body is healthy by using Tasbih Karamah Akbar. You will notice where the illness is, if there is one indeed. With Tasbih Karamah Akbar, you will find out whether or not your (or your patient's) body is fully healed. This benefit suits you who want to establish an alternative healing practice. 

High Level Healing Power

Tasbih Karamah Akbar is initially designed  for those fond of alternative healing. Many people have felt and witnessed it's result, that Tasbih Karamah Akbar has a very strong healing power. By God's will, any disease ranged from mild to acute can be helped with Tasbih Karamah Akbar as medium. Suitable for healing yourself or others. Patients don't have to meet you. Healing can be carried out through mineral water as medium or funneled from long distance through photograph or a string of patient's hair. 

Sharpening Inner Sight

Opening and sharpening inner sight to be more sensitive. The more you practice dhikr with Tasbih Karamah Akbar, the more sensitive you will be towards natural signs or signs from God.

Transferring Energy into Objects

You can transfer your inner power to objects such as clothes, jewels, rings, mineral water or anything. This energy transfer is useful for protection, safety, good luck or healing. It suits you who are often asked for help of mystical nature.

Transferring Energy to Someone Else

As you can transfer energy to inanimate objects, you can also transfer your energy or inner power to someone else for protection, safety, love power, healing, and so on. You can imagine how content it will feel if you can protect your family even when you're not physically with them.

Mystical Fence

Creating mystical fence to protect inanimate objects such as lands, buildings, houses, shops, factories and so forth. This fence functions to avoid criminal actions, mystical attacks or anarchic mass vandalisms. You can also create mystical fence for cars, bikes or other inanimate objects to avoid theft, robbery, and vandalism.

Rain Mastery

Rain mastery is a capability of controlling rain, whether to summon it or to make it disappear. With Tasbih Karamah Akbar you can move or hold back dark cloud and rain temporarily. For example when you have a wedding, recitation or other event scheduled.  We have proven ourselves, that when necessary, God helps us by moving or holding back rain on site.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, there are still more benefits Tasbih Karamah Akbar has to offer, but they will be too long to name one by one. You can feel how much benefit it gives you after using it routinely.

You will also get Ilmu Asmak Karomah, which is an inner (supernatural) power resurgence knowledge you can use for various purposes. We also give you a certificate in case you want to establish an alternative healing practice. This certificate can be used as a prerequirement when you want to enlist your alternative healing practice to Health Department and Office of District Prosecutor General. 

With all these benefits, it's only proper that mahr for Tasbih Karamah Akbar is higher than Tasbih Karamah's. To get a custom-made Tasbih Karamah Akbar, mahr sets at  USD 275.

We want you to understand that mahr is only a way to appreciate our services and efforts. This is not a trade, since Islam forbids any sale concerning invisible goods, just like selling a basket of fruit of which tree isn't grown yet.
Men cannot trade blessing or karomah, because they are the results of istiqomah you conduct. Everything comes from God, while we are merely intermediary and Tasbih Karamah Akbar is the medium.

Bonus antique wooden chest for tasbih as seen on picture above.

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tasbih karomah
tasbih karomah