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Warranty & Order Agreement


Transactions related to magical objects can't be done randomly. If done by imprecise will and thinking method, the blessing will decrease or even disappear. Therefore, prior to ordering Tasbih Karamah, please read this page. Information about warranty and agreement written below applies to every order of Tasbih Karamah and Tasbih Karamah Akbar.


About Warranty

Money back guarantee applies if above warranties proven to be wrong or the tasbih  you receive differs from the one you see on this site.

In principle, human can only try and God is the one deciding. Therefore we cannot provide warranty for Tasbih Karamah's benefits. Blessing, karamah or miracle actually emerge from your istiqomah in practicing wirid with Tasbih Karamah. We have tried to make Tasbih Karamah as well as we could. By God's will, with sincere intention and submission to God, all benefits of Tasbih Karamah will be yours.


Order Agreement


Note for Your Contemplation

If you have ever ordered magical object somewhere else and you didn't feel any blessing from it, it is likely that you were mistaken in arranging you heart at the time of order.

Islam forbids any sale of invisible goods, like selling fruits of which tree isn't grown yet. This practice usually applies, for example, in tenancy of a mango tree for a certain time. If later the tree doesn't produce any fruit, the buyer will be at loss. If the tree produces a lot more fruits than was predicted, then the seller will be regretful. Therefore, Islam prohibits any sale of invisible or not yet visible goods.


In relevance to Tasbih Karamah, it's blessing and benefits are invisible. They are not even logically explainable. Only God knows how miracles happen. Because religion forbids, we don't sell benefits of Tasbih Karamah, so if you want to buy, what you buy is the physical form, not the blessing or the karamah.


If only blessing or karamah, which are both invisible, is salable like peanut, then the price should be really expensive. Not as cheap as mahr of Tasbih Karamah you read on this site. In fact, blessing and karamah can't be bought with money. Any amount of mahr you pay is only a form of your appreciation for our effort in helping you. Blessing and karamah can only be gained through sincerity, istiqomah and resignation to God.


Tasbih Karamah is not an amulet which determines all accurrences. When you use Tasbih Karamah, please keep believing that all powers come from God. We only pose as an intermediary while Tasbih Karamah is the medium. Don't rely on Tasbih Karamah, because that will drive you into idolatry.


Those are our warranty and agreement, also an important note about Tasbih Karamah to show you the concept of arranging your heart to avoid false appraisal of Tasbih Karamah. Please note that by ordering Tasbih Karamah or Tasbih Karamah Akbar you are assumed to be agreeing on these warranty and agreement as named on this page.


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tasbih karomah
tasbih karomah